Hope & Jesse

Are you the type of person that wants to know every secret? Because I totally am! Hope contacted me a few months ago to book a couples session with her boyfriend ,Jesse, before he left for deployment.

Later that week I received a very unexpected phone call. It was her boyfriend Jesse! He was calling to let me in on a pretty big secret. Keep in mind at this point we had never met before. But he went on to tell me all about how he met Hope and their first date at Basket Slough. I could already tell how crazy he was about this girl from how highly he spoke of her.

Then Jesse said it, every photographers dream…. he wanted to set up a surprise proposal! He had everything planned out already. He wanted to do it at Basket Slough since that’s where their story started. The next step was to make Hope think I was making all of the decisions so she didn’t get suspicious of anything. So I got to work.

I told Hope that I wanted to shoot at Basket Slough and I sent her some images to suggest she should be wearing a white dress. The next part was super fun! The challenge was to have a videographer there without her suspecting anything…

I posted on my Instagram that I was looking for someone to let Shoffner Media shoot some behind the scenes at for me. Jesse was certain she would inquire and sure enough she did! She thought Chris and Mikey were there to make a video for me about how I posed couples.

The team set me up with a microphone and everything. When Jesse changed out of his uniform into his second outfit Shoffner Media put a mic under his shirt and handed him the ring. The big secret was my mic was off and Jesses was on!

I hiked my out of shape self up that hill to set up with Hope. The boys followed once they were done with Jesses mic. Just as sun was setting behind them I asked Jesse and Hope to stand facing each other.

Then I asked Hope to look at Jesse and tell him something nice. Her answer still makes me laugh. Hope said,”you have a lovely smile”. We all laughed so hard. Maybe partially because we all knew something she didn’t. I looked around to make sure that Chris and Mikey were in position and I gave Jesse the signal. I said, “Jesse could you try and beat that and tell her something nicer”.

Her reaction was priceless. We were all crying. I tried to get a few more shots after the proposal but Hope was still in shock that everyone knew except her. She kept trying to put all of the pieces together of how everything was planned. So we all wiped up our tears and popped open some champagne to celebrate.

To say the least I fell in love with this couple after this day. Jesse and Hope, I wish nothing but the best for you guys! I can truly tell you guys care a whole lot about each other. CHEERS to wedding planning!

Photographer: Wild Honey Visuals


Videographer: Shoffner Media


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